ERP for eCommerce: what it is for

ERP for eCommerce: all the advantages

If you have ever wondered how to organize the flow of data and operations of your eCommerce business, you may have come across the acronym ERP. Can an ERP application be the solution to increase the efficiency and quality of your service? In this article we examine:

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Trends and online sales growth in 2022: the data from “Osservatorio eCommerce B2C”

eCommerce growth in 2022

“Evolution of B2C eCommerce in Italy through data and trends”, the report processed by – Digital Innovation was presented during the most relevant exhibition for Italian eCommerce, Netcomm Forum 2022. From this year, Qapla’ is a proud partner of “Osservatorio eCommerce B2C”, taking part in the research and working groups of the institute.

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