Tools and strategies to support the customer during online shopping

Support during online shopping: tools and strategies

Why do internet users visit your eCommerce website, browse a few pages, and leave without buying a product?
If you look into it, you’ll find many possible reasons. For example, it may be a distraction offline, a notification could have lured them to another website, or they could have found better offers elsewhere.
Whatever the cause, it’s a potential loss of revenue for your eCommerce business. So, how can you support customers to ensure they buy today and keep coming back?
In this short guide, we’ll explore tools and strategies to support customers while shopping online:

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The influence of weather on eCommerce orders

Weather conditions influence on eCommerce orders: Qapla' data

The weather has a significant impact on the lives of all of us, from how we feel to the changes in our schedules for work or free time. We expect the weather conditions to influence the propensity to buy and in particular eCommerce orders. Are the eShoppers to some extent “meteoropathic“?

To find it out, we crossed the data of +1.8 million orders managed on Qapla’ of a sample of more than 300 stores and the weather conditions of 5 Italian locations (Milan, Rome, Naples, Bari, and Turin) and 2 European capitals (Madrid and Paris), taken from Visual Crossing Corporation for the period between 01.04.2021 and 25.03.2022 (almost one year, to cover all seasonal variations). Other studies identified a connection between bad weather and online shopping: a RichRelevance study measured a difference between 10 and 12% of online orders in Seattle for home goods, clothing, and wholesale between clear and cloudy days.

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