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Qapla’ and Verified Reviews Best Practice during Xmas Time

How to get the most from increase in purchases and reviews of your eCommerce during Christmas Time? Here's some Best Practice by Qapla' and Verified Reviews

Question:  “How to optimize post-sales and reviews management, at the same time, in the eCommerce world during Xmas period?” 

Answer: “Using the perfect combination of two systems, provided by Qapla’ and Verified Reviews“.

Who we are / what we do:

QAPLA’: Qapla’ is the platform that helps eCommerce to manage all the post-sales process easier and quicker and to engage customers when they are waiting for the courier by customized messages about the tracking info. 

The merchant can build a trustful and personal relationship with the clients during the shipment, instead of leaving them alone with the couriers and encourage them to buy again.

VERIFIED REVIEWS: Verified Reviews is a tech-solution that allows you to collect your customer’s reviews, online and offline (eCommerce, shops, agencies, etc.).

With us you can both increase customers’ satisfaction and visibility on Google.


 “What happens during Xmas time?”

Surely you’ve got to manage a big amount of order and a consequent higher review flux.

QAPLA’ suggests: We can give a branded and personal touch to post-sales experience and be remembered between a lot of competitors: you can customize the tracking page that users often visit to know the status of the shipment, by inserting a banner about a specific campaign or a “thank-you” message with a coupon to use within next month. You can also personalize the email that customers receive when there’s an update about the delivery: it’s the perfect channel to embed upselling tools (i.e., for recommended products) or assistance tools (livechats) to prevent calls to your Customer Support.

VERIFIED REVIEWS suggests: We can fully customize the email, the form and the thanks message; this way, you can for example add a NPS question about the shipping/courier or everything else you need to monitor as a KPI in our statistics back-office. You can also create different MACROs answers, to help your customer care replying efficiently to everybody.

“What happens next?”

QAPLA’: The effect on loyalty and retention rate will be significant, and, most of all, you can continue to sell when the items are still traveling. A customer that is well supported during the most tricky phase in online shopping will be happily stimulated to be engaged with promo or marketing activities. You will make extra money with no spending on further adv.

VERIFIED REVIEWS: You will be able to convert a lot more, during the sales period, thanks to the bigger number of reviews received and the consequent increase of visibility on Google (stars on AdWords Campaigns, Google SERP, GMB, Google Shopping).

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